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Note from Dr. Smoothie - Most Bag in Box juices are pure HFCS and flavoring. The industry terminology is "belly wash". If a company adds fruit it is usually a bit of fruit juice or a puree that has been forced through such a small screen as to take out all the body of the fruit. Therefore the juice is very clear and has no fiber or nutrients left in it.

Pour Dr. Smoothie on a plate and look at the REAL FRUIT PUREE. If you are looking for the "real deal", then reward your customers with Dr. Smoothie!!

What this article is saying is that the frozen fruit is not where you get most of your flavor from. It comes from numerous sources like juice, sherbert etc. When you serve Dr. Smoothie, all the formulating and high quality vine ripened ingredients have been sourced and delivered to you in an easy to use, fool proof method. Enjoy!!


After youíve scaled the conceptual peak and gotten a clear view of yourself and the competitive landscape ahead, itís time to look again at our trusty map to the smoothie gold fields. And it shows here that our next landmark is the Valley of Formulations, renown for its beguiling beauty. So delightful and engaging to the savvy, but oh so treacherous to the indolent and the expedient trapped by the lure of the quick buck. The drink menus of these varmints are bland, uninspired and pedestrian. Why, Iíve known some who have made milkshakes all their lives and now just want to throw in some canned fruit and call it Peach Heaven. Peach it is, but heaven it isnít.

My map says that the best route here is to locate the Rivers of Juice, for they are the first step in pointing us to a truly great-tasting smoothie. These rivers all follow a common heading, but they allow the traveler choices depending on their business needs and taste. For instance, some of these streams are fresh, while others come canned or even powdered. Letís begin with the Fresh Juice rivers and try to see a little below their shimmering surface.

First of all, we need to consider our source for fresh fruits. After all, itís tough to get fresh raspberries in February and still make a profitable drink. Ask your broker if you can get the quantities youíll need with a price thatís guaranteed over the 12-month haul. Second, what are the sources of my source? Since fruit flavors can differ dramatically by variety and by region, who can get me the best quality juice at the best price, consistently? I also hear tell that some vendors donít always use tree-picked fruit. They say that thereís more to be had with windfall profits, if you get my drift. (fruit that fell on the ground!!)

Now that your cases of fresh fruits and veggies have arrived, what further concerns need to be addressed? Well, if you like oranges like I like oranges, youíll need to look at them pricey citrus extractors and humble country cousins, the reamers. Extractors take whole oranges, lemons and limes and give them a real crushing experience. And because itís peel and all, you sure want to remember whatís next to cleanliness. In this business, itís dirt, rodents, manure, insecticides and bacteria. Some windfall, huh? So wash your hands and your fruit and just be glad you have a chlorine wash and donít have to use grandmaís lye and lard soap! If you like to ream out oranges and other things, youíll make your juice cheaper, but also slower and with a lot more labor intensity. But whichever you choose, youíll get true fresh juice with all its wonderful flavor and perceived value. But, youíll have to have customers ready to enjoy this experience within 30 minutes of squeeze time, as flavor profiles wait for no palate. Extractors also provide a lovely citrus smell to the whole establishment, while a spray of citrus air freshener can aid the poor among us. Automatic Juice Company (718) 326-1492 will be happy to outfit you with a great extractor; just ask for Stewart Nelson and tell Ďim Fred sent ya.

If you think apples and pineapples are the way to go, remember that beauty is only skin deep. Thatís why step one here is a true grind, followed by a run through either an auger or a centrifuge. Since weíll all have to deal with pulp, what separates the men from the boys is the percentage of juice extracted and the ease of cleaning. On the down side, much of the vitamins and nutrients are thrown out with the pulp. One way to reverse this loss is to use a high-powered blender and put in the whole fruit, just ask K-TEC (801) 785-3600.

As us healthy people know, real prospectors eat wheat grass. Itís a terrific cleanser, full of chlorophyll, vitamins A and C, antioxidants and antidepressants around tax time. Single and double screw machines come from some heavenly companies, or at least their product names are angelic (Angel, Angelight). Look for them at the equipment trade shows. A good alternative to the squeeze play is wheat grass powder.

Now if you donít want to go it on your own, you can hire a river boat captain and heíll get you all the fresh juice you can swallow. And between us fellow prospectors, quality counts big time when youíre going fresh. As youíve heard recently, some rivers are plagued with rocky sandbars crawling with e-coli bacteria. Youíll recognize them because of the lingering sharks, lawyers and bad publicity.

If youíd like a little cheaper ride that consistently tastes great try the concentrated rivers and their arctic compatriots, the frozen concentrates. Canned juices (not concentrated) also work well, but taste them first as not all apples taste alike. Plus, youíd better have plenty of storage and dumpster space for them big tin containers. And finally, a little juice powder can go a long way and it stores and blends terrifically.

Well partner, if youíve chosen your juices wisely, youíll make great headway on your formulation leg of the journey to the smoothie gold fields. Remember that fresh juice makes for warmer, thinner drinks, so donít forget the sherbet and the IQF (individually quick-frozen) fruits to help you chill out. But beware. Many a drink has been overblended trying to get that last minus 20 degree IQF strawberry blended. If thatís your dilemma, try tempering your ingredients as well as your emotions. It can be a real balancing act, especially when youíre trying for consistency from Tucson to Toledo, let alone from January to July. On the other hand, concentrates may work better for you, as they allow one to control both thickness and sweetness with just a little water and ice, and isnít that nice? But both approaches are aiming to win your customer whose palette is pleased by your 24 ounces, but whose mind is teased by its delicious memory until the next drink!

Weíll see ya next time, all juiced up and raring to go!

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