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Avoid Contact With Moving Parts

  • Keep fingers, hands, hair and clothing away from all moving parts.
  • Keep all utensils away from the drive socket and blender blades during operation (metal utensils will damage blades).
  • Never put hands into blender jar or add substances by hand when the blender is operating.
  • Never place jar into drive socket if the blender is operating.
  • Do not rock the blender when it is operating. Keep the blender jar up until the operation is complete.

Cleaning Tips and Cautions

  • When washing blender jars, scrub and rinse thoroughly. DO NOT let jar soak.
  • Immediately dry the outside bottom of the jar around the drive shaft before placing the jar upside down upon removing the cleaned blender jar from rinse water or from the dishwasher.
  • Do not use abrasives to clean blender base, jar or sound enclosure as this will dull or scratch the surface.
  • Never submerge the blender motor base in water.
  • At least once a week, remove the stainless steel blender base from the acrylic sound enclosure.
  • Clean sound enclosure with a mild cleaner (i.e. window cleaner) and a damp rag.
  • Clean outside of the blender motor in the same manner. DO NOT submerge or spray the motor with water.
  • Pour a small amount (thimble size) of strong cleaner (i.e. Simple Green or 409) into the drive nut of the blender motor. Let soak for five minutes. Using a sharp implement like a toothpick or dental pick, scrape each of the 12 grooves in the drive nut to dislodge baked in coffee or sugar. Dump out the cleaning solution. This step will prevent buildup of baked-on sugars that will ultimately prevent the jar from sitting completely onto the motor, resulting in damaged blender jars.

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