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Q: How many drinks does a 46oz bottle of concentrate make for 12, 16, 20 oz. and 24 oz.?
A: our concentrate is 1 part concentrate + 2 parts water/ice: a 46 oz makes (46 x 3 = 138oz then divide by drink size say 12 oz (138/12 = 11.5 12 oz drinks).

Q: Is there a taste difference between 100% and classic?
A: For the most part there is no taste difference, or very subtle. In most flavors of 100% you cannot taste the white grape juice. In flavors like Four Berry, the added 5th fruit (white grape) actually enhances the profile nicely.

Q: Does your smoothie products contain artificial flavors?
A: No, in fact our smoothie purees are free of artificial colors, flavor or preservatives.

Cafe Essentials

Q:What is the shelf life?
A: 2 years. �Best By� dating is printed on all packaging.

Q: What are the ingredients in your neutral base. I did not see them listed on the web site. I am looking for a base without the usual hydrogenated fillers that are prevalent here.
A: Neutral Base is made with a non-dairy creamer that does not contain any hydrogenated oils.

Q: Can Caf� Essentials be used in a hot beverage machine?
A: Yes, they work very well in a post hot whipped beverage machine as well as most other portion controlled machines. The operator will need to adjust the proportions of product for each beverage (gram throw), as each machine will be a little different. Have them try it with our Chai products first as they are exceptionally good served hot.

DO NOT pour hot liquids into a blender to blend or pulse. This is dangerous and is a liability. DO NOT recommend this to anyone.

Q: Does Caf� Essentials contain any trans fat or hydrogenated oils?
A: No, Caf� Essentials products feature No trans fat and No hydrogenated oils.

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